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Drone operator warns surfer of lurking shark at NSW beach

A surfer has been warned of a lurking shark by a quick-thinking drone operator. The surfer was waiting for their next wave at a beach south of Wollongong when the shark was spotted cruising towards his board.

From The West Australia

The operator said he used a speaker on the drone to alert the wave-rider, who quickly headed to shore.

“At Werri Beach today this large shark was approaching a surfer and I used my drone’s speaker system to warn him,” Christopher Joye said on Twitter.

“Watch him look up at the drone, then bolt, with the sudden splashing warding off the approaching shark.”

Many were quick to praise Mr Joye’s quick thinking, with Peter Zangari labelling it “a phenomenal effort”.

“That’s crazy stuff,” Christoher Steiner said.

“(You) Probably saved that guy’s life. Shark was headed for him.”

Another, Tom Moxey said it was a “great effort” and revealed he had been swimming at the beach earlier in the day.

Another asked if he’d shown the surfer the footage.

“I’m sure he’d love to keep a copy of that footage and buy you a (beer) or three.”

The footage comes after a Perth man was stalked for ten minutes by a great white shark two kilometres out from Perth’s Burns Beach.

The incredible vision, obtained exclusively by and 7NEWS Perth, shows the nail-biting moment the 4.5m shark came at Joe Petrovich, ripping off his fin.

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